10 freelance platforms to find projects and work

Oct 2, 2021
10 freelance platforms to find projects and work

Freelance statistics have changed since COVID-19. A lot of people lost their jobs and started to work from home in 2020. Nearly ⅓ of the total global workforce are freelancers (around 1.2 billion freelancers over the world). 36% of the overall American workforce do freelancing(59 Million Americans). And it is expected that by 2028 this number will hit 90 Million Americans.

The hardest thing for freelancers might be to find their customers. Luckily, nowadays, there are a bunch of platforms that allow digital nomads to search for clients, and promote their work. Moreover, these online platforms help business owners to find freelancers, therefore creating a network of freelancers and business owners.

Let’s explore 10 freelance platforms, and find out which one fits better for you.


Upwork is considered one of the largest work marketplace in the world. It connects millions of freelancers with business owners. Over three million jobs are posted annually. You could find a talent or work in such fields as: Development and IT, Design and Creative, Sales and Marketing, Writing and Translation, Admin and Customer Support, Finance and Accounting.

To find work you have to follow several steps:

  1. Create your profile. It is for free. You should include your work experience, your skills, and your photo. Also, you might want to add more, to create an outstanding profile.
  2. Explore ways to earn. You could search for hourly or fixed-price work and submit a proposal. Another way is to sell what you do best. Match your projects with the clients, and wait for interested clients to buy your projects. Or let the work find you.
  3. Get paid securely. Choose how you would like to get paid.


Fiverr is a large marketplace for digital services. It is considered to be a good start for entry-level freelancers. Therefore, if you just dive into freelancing, you might consider Fiverr. You can find here 9 main categories of interest to discover new talent or work: Graphics and Design, Digital Marketing, Writing and Translation, Video and Animation, Music and Audio, Programming and Tech, Data, Business, and Lifestyle. It is a very user-friendly app, and easy to use for beginners. Also, it offers certificate courses. Alongside all the benefits and vast opportunities, this app has high service fees.


Toptal is an exclusive application that connects top freelancers, software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers from all over the world. A lot of global top companies go here to hire a freelancer for their projects. If you are interested in such industries as Healthcare and Life Sciences, Consumer Products and Services, Financial Services, Industrials, Communications, Media and Entertainment, and Technology, do not hesitate to create your Toptal account. One of the main benefits is that this has no fees for freelancers, and is great for experts. Although you have to notice that Toptal is directly involved in the development phases of your project.


Freelancer.com is a marketplace for hiring freelancers in a diverse range of functions over 1800 different categories. There are 4 simple steps to get started:

  1. Create your profile. Complete the information about your skills and experience, upload a professional profile photo, and go through the Verification Center checklist.
  2. Search for jobs that suit you. There are a lot of job offers, therefore you could use optimizing filters, and get alerted when relevant jobs are available.
  3. Write the best pitch you could.
  4. Get earned.


Guru is a freelance marketplace that provides tools to find and hire talented freelancers all over the world. As a digital nomad you could get hired on Guru in such fields as Programming and Development, Design and Art, Writing and Translation, Administrative and Secretarial, Sales and Marketing, Business and Finance, Education and Training, Engineering and Architecture, and Legal. Guru offers a unique benefit, here you could collaborate and add more members to your freelancing team. Moreover, it offers a progress tracking feature. It is a user-friendly website with low fees, but high competition.


PeoplePerHour.com is a trusted environment where small businesses and freelancers all over the world get connected and could sell or buy services to each other. This platform is user-friendly and provides automatic invoicing, a feature that is very needed in freelancing or entrepreneurship. You could find talent or be hired in a great project that belongs to one of the following fields: Technology and Programming, Writing and Translation, Design, Digital Marketing, Video, Photo and Image, Business, Music and Audio, and Social Media. One thing you have to notice is the high fees. PeoplePerHour charges a fee in a range between 3.5%-20%.


FreeUp is a freelance marketplace that offers you immediate access to the top remote talents in such fields: Web Development, Graphic Design, Customer Service, Digital Marketing, Amazon, Copywriting. There are no service fees for freelancers, but as a freelancer, you have to go through a 3-steps approval process to join. 

  1. Upload your CV and complete the questionnaire;
  2. Zoom interview;
  3. Start to apply for a job.


Flexjobs is a web-based platform for people who are interested in a flexible job, therefore you can find job opportunities for remote jobs, part-time, full-time, or freelance. There are 50 categories and currently over 30,000 job offers. Flexjobs is a paid service, but ad-free and scam-free.


Aquent is a creative and marketing freelancing platform. Aquent uses Artificial Intelligence to auto-match freelancers to clients. Moreover, Aquent offers training and development


LinkedIn is a great tool for job-seeking people. It is almost the best-known site that provides an easy way to find a job. A good LinkedIn account can open a lot of job opportunities. Moreover, LinkedIn is developing a new freelance marketplace platform, which enables businesses to find, connect with, and pay freelancers on the platform.

The bottom line

Remember that once you are hired, and start to sell your services you should get paid, and you need to write a professional-looking invoice. To make your life easier just use invoicing platforms, as Oklyx.