5 Reasons to quit your job and start your own business

Aug 13, 2021
5 Reasons to quit your job and start your own business

Have you ever reached a point where you just want to give in and submit the resignation that you have carefully written and saved on your laptop a few years back? 

Where each day is a struggle to wake up in the morning with the same routine of long hours of work, overbearing tasks, and stressful targets assigned to you month on month?

How many years you have spent in school just to earn your degree after all the efforts, sleepless nights, time, and money were all spent and offer just for you to land that job that you suppose to be happy doing yet ends up the one you hate?

These are a few of many questions and realizations that hit our senses each day in our life that often we keep on fighting with in order for us not to accept the idea of quitting our once so-called “dream job” that later found ourselves unsatisfied at all.

Each of us enjoys something that we are so passionate about that makes us excited looking forward to every weekend so we can finally do something that doesn’t drag our feet while doing it even just a day or two from the full work week. That little moment and spark give us a bit of heaven on earth feeling that we always wanted and hope we also feel while we are doing our daily job. Reality bites- it will not be always what we wanted and not all things that we envision come true unless we will do something about the situation to make it happen. 

In this era of start-up, e-commerce, and freelance business many young generations become millionaires or even billionaires at a very young age compare to the previous generations. The appetite towards putting up a business from a very simple idea is booming which gives people nowadays much drive, inspiration, and the idea of quitting their 8-5 jobs and start their own business as well. Yet the crowd is still very cautious about the idea of easy success especially the older generation as this might ruin their hard-earned career and nevertheless has no energy and enough resources to start all over again. 

We can draw some inspiration from a few YouTubers and so-called “influencers” that build their empire by simply using their social media accounts that enabled them to gain a good amount of income as a result they were able to create another source of income out of it. Brilliant as it may seem, too promising to see and very inviting to our eyes and minds – and yes it is really happening. 

As the pandemic of covid affects almost the majority of the normal jobs many ideas are popping up that gives us heavy information that we can come up with what they called “pandemic proof businesses” and thanks to social media which provides access to the whole world and seems made the world so small and so reachable that we can connect and support each other's ventures.

Of course, we cannot force the idea of these new business ventures that we are seeing but there is no harm in receiving and trying up and who knows you will be the next big thing, and here are 5 reasons to quit your jobs and start your own business:

PANDEMIC ERA - it has been almost 2 years since Covid 19 hit the whole world and up until now the surge of the virus is there and seems that it will take so much time to recover in terms of trauma and the global market and stability. This experience is unexpected that enabled a lot of people to discover and accept extraordinary ideas of starting their own business from the comfort of their house in order to survive and some to thrive. No one knows when this will stop and many experts are encouraging people not to wait from that moment in order to move on with some new perspective of earning money.

INTERNET ERA - a lot of information that we need will be found on social media, from simple ingredients and steps on how to cook our favorite meal to how to cut your own hair perfectly. The world is united by one access and it is the internet, this gives us a lot of advantages in terms of communication, support system and exchanging experiences and ideas without being there in person. This single tie makes the world so connected and so convenient that it is no longer impossible to reach someone on the other side of the world. Internet is the new trend and will be an effective tool which we can use in order to gain so many opportunities to grow our business without spending so much while putting it up compared to classic businesses. A massive opportunity awaits you by just clicking that button from your laptop or even just from your phone.

INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE - before we have to buy an encyclopedia subscription and read books from our school or public libraries just to get access to legitimate information whenever we need to. Compare to now, you can type using your phone a specific world, and viola you can easily get the meaning and some videos about it without a sweat. Huge information is being shared in social media that we can get benefit from especially when we wanted to make some research before getting in and start the business. However, not all information is correct but for sure we are able to distinguish which is which by exhausting all our access and pick the right one for us.

START NOW OR NEVER - there will be no perfect time to do things as they say but it will always be a perfect moment if you just do so and learn from the process. Nothing beats the idea of working for yourself and not for others. Imagine the years you have spent that honed the skills that let you perform in that job what more is the opportunity to do all these efforts for your own future as the Boss of your very own business. Of course, this will not guarantee that it will always be a happy ending but welcome the idea of failures and disappointments because this is how life is and for sure it will be worth it in the end.

BUSINESS OPENS BIGGER DOORS - you will never be rich doing your 8-5 jobs, some people may be contented with the routine but you are different that is why you are interested in checking the opportunity of getting into the business because you crave for something bigger and much bolder life experience that a desk job cannot provide you. The bigger the challenge the bigger the outcome as long as you are willing to embrace every element of the business both negative and positive then you are on the right track and follow that little spark in your heart. If you fail you just learn and what if you succeed? So take that first step and enjoy the journey.