How Oklyx invoicing platform works.

Jul 1, 2021
How Oklyx invoicing platform works.

What is Oklyx?

Oklyx is an invoicing platform, aimed to make your invoicing process easier and simpler. Oklyx provides an all-in-one tool to create, store and send invoices just within a few clicks.

If you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer, Oklyx is going to help you to solve all your invoicing problems.

How to open an Oklyx account, and create invoices?

Here’s everything you need to know to open an Oklyx account, and to create your first invoice.

  1. Register for an Oklyx account.

To sign up for an Oklyx account, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on Create Account button from the header of the website;
  • On the Getting started form, enter your email and password. Or, you could create an account through social login.
  • Click on Get Started button.

2. Now, being registered, you could log in with your account in Oklyx.

3. While you are logged in, you could manage your profile, invoices, companies, customers, products/services.

Profile is the section where your information lives. Your name, photo, email could be updated from profile settings as well as your password from change password.

Dashboard section represents the overall information about your invoices. Here you could see the number of your overdue invoices, draft invoices, paid, and unpaid invoices. Moreover, you could analyze your activity, through the graph that tracks how many invoices per month you have.

Invoices allow you to bill a customer for your products/services. Create an invoice by following these steps:

  • Click on the Invoices tab;
  • Click on Add Invoice button.

An Invoice is broken down into several sections as represented in the image below.

  1. Customer – Select a customer to send the Invoice to;
  2. Company - Select a company to send the Invoice from;
  3. Products/Services Items – Enter any services and products you are billing the Customer for. The search can be used to add an item from the existing library or you can use Add Products/Services button to create and add instantly a new service or product which is not available in the library;
  4. Notes - Enter a note for your invoice.
  5. Bank Account - When a company is selected, you could select a bank account for it.
  6. Currency - When a company is selected, you are able to select the currency for your invoice.

When you’re finished with your Invoice, you should click on Create button.

Companies section is a table with all your companies, their name, address, and Bank Account. You can Add Company or you can edit, view, or delete any of your existing companies. In order to create a company, you need to input the name of your company, and the address of the company.

For an existent company in the library, you could attach a bank account to it. You have to complete Add Bank Account form with the company name, street, name of bank account, city, postal code, IBAN, and SWIFT/BIC.

Customers section displays the list with all your customers, with their name, email, and location. You could Add Customer, edit or delete an existing customer. If you would like to add a new customer, you need to open the Add Customer form and complete it. There should be introduced the information about client, name and email, and the information about client’s company, its name, location, and address.

Products/Service section is a representation of all your products or services. You are able to Add Products/Services or edit and delete any of them. For a product or a service creation, open the Add Products/Services form and complete it with the name of your item, select its type, either product or service, put a price for it, and describe it.

Oklyx is a free platform and provides multilingual support for its users. All you have to do is to sign up and delegate all your invoicing problems to Oklyx.