How to make Invoicing-Painless & Business-Paperless?

Jul 1, 2021
How to make Invoicing-Painless & Business-Paperless?

Did you know it is expected that paper consumption demand will increase steadily over the next decade, reaching approximately 461 million metric tons in 2030?

Have you asked yourself how much paper your workplace goes through, daily? Do you send invoices and pay bills using paper? Is your desk a mess, because of the number of documents, invoices, and other paper stuff?

If you are worried about it, this blog post is for you. You will find out why and how to become eco-friendly. And if you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer, there are some tips on how to make your business invoicing process easier and painless.

Why should you go paperless?

  Here are 5 reasons why going paperless is good for you and your company’s branding.

You have access to your documents, from any place, and any time.

Getting and using the information within seconds is a standard nowadays. When you're not tied to files and paper, you can take your work with you. Being paperless may boost your productivity and capacity to work efficiently, whether you're doing. You become more agile, and as well your business does. 

Go paperless and save the environment.

If we use less paper, we save our planet, our environment, our future. Going paperless soon will be not just advice, but a need. Our planet needs its forests, our quality of life depends on it. Did you know that a file creation from paper, also generates pollution? Therefore, by cutting down trees using chemicals and water for paper production we contribute to the global warming process, and environmental degradation. The good part is that we could change things. We just have to leave the comfort zone of using paper, and go paperless, especially that we have all the things and possibilities for that.

Save money, time, and space.

Paperless businesses save money on basic office supplies, and staff hours spent processing huge volumes of paper. Eliminating paper at your workplace could reduce clutter and extra storage spaces. Moreover, it saves the time that you spend on printing, mailing, and filing papers.

Make your customers happy, by providing better customer service.

When you run your business digitally, you have quick access to everything. Accounting software, expense management, and other invoice tools maintain track of all your resources and improve the customer experience. Providing consumers with digital access to all essential data serves them with more reliable and precise information and makes them happier and more devoted customers.

Increase your productivity and enjoy more security.

If you use cloud-based storage, your business becomes more secure, you won’t worry more about your documents in case of a fire or other disaster, and also your documents will never be misplaced, thrown away, stolen, or altered. Also, all your documents are encrypted and backed up, thus just authorized persons to have access to them.

How to go paperless?

Here are some useful tips on how to go paperless.

Use online invoicing to handle client payments.

You can use online invoicing systems to make your business going paperless, safer, and easier.

Use cloud storage-based apps.

Cloud storage is a good option today, as it allows you to get and use information anytime, and anywhere. Also, your data is safe and secure.

Send emails instead of letters.

Converting all your files and letters into emails automates the process of informing your clients about any changes, new services your company offers, also, it reminds them about the payments that they have.


Switch to digital agreements and e-signatures.

Nowadays, some tools allow you to digitize all your documents. Switching to digital agreements and e-signatures speeds up the process for customers to sign documents.

If you are ready to start going paperless with an invoicing system, do not hesitate, and get started with Oklyx.

Tips for painless invoicing.

When it comes to money, you have to be highly professional. Why? It’s easy, money is the source of existence for us. No one wants to pay more for a service or a product. And no one wants to be paid less than deserves. Therefore, it is recommended to benefit from modern technologies and to use accounting software and online invoicing. Certainly, almost every one of us already created for ourselves a list of tips to use, to make each process of our life easier. Thus, there are some tips for the painless invoicing process from us, hope, they are helpful.

Use invoicing platforms

Thanks to software tools, you could automate the process of invoicing and make it more transparent. Invoicing platforms involve accounting software, take into account the tax, use different formulas, like gross profit formula, and other nice features. Moreover, you could manage your expenses. And the best part is that there are free platforms too. All you need is to find them and to get started. Below are mentioned several online invoicing software:

  1. FreshBooks;
  2. TurboTax;
  3. QuickBooks;
  4. Oklyx.

Backup every invoice

All of us know that invoicing could cause trouble. A lot of people faced such a problem, that their invoices were destroyed, maybe their pet takes it to play, or other, not so funny things happened to it. In such a situation, you cannot report the money that was invoiced, all data about which customer paid, how much and for which service or product, and other important financial information will be lost. Using online platforms could improve your experience. The probability that your invoices will be lost is lower. Using cloud-based storage, actually, could be the best option to secure your invoices.

Keep everything dated

What is the key to a good invoicing process? Certainly, when they are paid on time. But how to ensure that. You will be surprised, the secret is simple, and we all know about it. You just have to set the due date for each invoice. And, again, the software invoicing tool, will do the rest of the job for you, because it automatically informs your customers about the invoice, and remind them about the due date, on time.