How to stay productive while working from home

Jul 29, 2021
How to stay productive while working from home

Due to the pandemic, a good number of companies have shifted from a physical office job to working from home setup. Debates have been going on from different social media platforms and people’s opinion has been divided as to what makes them more productive being in the office premises or in the comforts of ones home. There is a number of blogs and social media posts documenting daily routines of individuals as to how they struggle as a result of this transition but also balanced it with funny advice on how to triumph against this new challenge awaiting them.

According to “A study by Stanford of 16,000 workers over 9 months found that working from home increases productivity by 13%. This increase in performance was due to more calls per minute attributed to a quieter more convenient working environment and working more minutes per shift because of fewer breaks and sick days.

In this same study workers also reported improved work satisfaction, and attrition rates were cut by 50%”.

Working from home can be draining and tricky as a lot of distractions can affect professional activities. While at home there's now a thin line between house chores and professional delegations so it's important to know how to stay productive amidst the situation. On the other hand, we have to consider this set up as a tremendous opportunity to increase our productivity in our professional life as we have eliminated significant factors that affect our performance- one of which is the travel time off to work also travel time back home. Imagine that you can easily grab and enjoy your breakfast a few meters from your bed while putting on your morning background music to perk up yourself before pushing that button from cyberspace.

Every individual is unique, each of us has its own way of finding different ways to trigger that productive button to start that leads us to that professional and personal alignment which is very important to achieve the so-called work and life balance. 

Here are the 10 simple steps on how to stay productive while working in your safest haven:

Maintain a healthy lifestyle - it's always important to prioritize one's health in order to perform any task assigned to you. Make sure your food intake is well balanced, giving yourself enough sleep and proper exercise daily is essential for our routine. It is important to keep track of your holistic health – the mind and the body should be aligned for us to perform whatever task given to us.

Wake up early- this is the best way to set the right tone for your day though you will just be facing in front of your computer reducing the travel time. It would feel best to prepare yourself by giving you enough time to get ready and start the day virtually. Always get excited to wake up by giving yourself a good coffee or even a good breakfast every single day to perk it up. Who wouldn’t want good food before the day starts? 

List down your tasks - Organize your day by listing your task as your memory can trick you so it is better to record everything. This is also the best way to stay focus and be efficient in handling your activities daily and to separate personal tasks from professional ones. You can use the classic way of keeping a notebook or journal where you can write it down or making it on your tablet or laptop.

Dedicate a private office space - keep a space that will give you an office vibe, it helps you feel perked up and provide this office environment avoiding noise and other distractions to stay productive and focused. Set boundaries physically in order to protect your mental focus which can trick your mind not to feel that you are at home while working from home.

Keep away from the personal tasks - don’t mix up household chores while doing your professional tasks dedicate a specific time schedule for each of them. Don’t work while doing the laundry or cook eggs, you might mess up work or worst you will end up not productive at all


Discuss limitations with housemates - people in the house should know your work schedule for them to be sensitive with their activities as well as to set the limitation that will provide you a peaceful and comfortable working environment.

Reward yourself after every task completed - simple activity after completing one task will make the work very enjoyable, whether to get some coffee and cookies or eating your fave snack fuels you to jump to another task with full excitement.

Perform tasks within a given timeframe - completing your office tasks within the set timeline or earlier the better for you to spend more time with yourself, family, and friends. Setting this as a goal will require a tremendous focus but for sure it will give you a lot of time for yourself which you can spend doing some other hobbies or side hustle.

Cyber chit-chat with workmates - brainstorming while online is very critical as you lost interpersonal connection between workmates but yet we can make some alternatives to keep the gap smaller between each other because at the end of the day you will work together to achieve a common goal.

Breathe and relax - balance your activities and make time to take a break and take out your mind from work for few minutes as we are not robots so we need to listen to our bodies, give that away to yourself cause you need it to be productive.

Working from home can be productive if done in a well-balanced environment, different people have their own way of managing the stress at home and make sure to finish the task effectively and efficiently. Listen to your own instinct and gut feel and always avoid being burned out as we should always keep in mind that a happy worker gives quality work.