Why do freelancers need to have a centralized place to store their invoices?

Aug 17, 2021
Why do freelancers need to have a centralized place to store their invoices?

Doing freelancing is amazing. And there are several reasons why. But as a freelancer, you need to take care of some important things. One of these is that freelancers should have a centralized place to store their invoices. 

If you are interested in why and how to store your invoices in a centralized place, just keep reading this blog till the end.

Things that freelancers should be aware of

Firstly, as a freelancer, you should know your rights and responsibilities. There are states where freelancers have certain protections under state law. You could check it out. Being aware of your rights could help you feel safer and give you confidence in providing your services. It helps to establish an agreement and ensure that you will get paid. Also, having a contract with your customer, makes them feel insured to pay money for a good product or service. Moreover, besides the contract with your customer, you need to take care of your invoices and taxes for better law transparency.

Being organized

Organize your work might seem annoying and time-consuming for you as a digital nomad. But the truth is that you will need more time after, if not organizing and managing the work right from the beginning. You have to find the perfect system to manage and organize work that fits your personality, your values, and the type of product or service you deliver. Here are several tips for better organizing and management of your tasks. 


Checklists are the simplest method but could be pretty effective and useful. Using checklists you could reduce your failures produced by human memory and attention limits. Doing a checklist for your tasks helps to ensure consistency and to respect the deadlines. Also, it could represent a good option to track the tasks that you have done, or still have to do. You could use a simple paper and pen to create a checklist of your tasks, but nowadays there are some interesting software tools. It is up to you what to use and how.

Google Drive, Sheets/Docs, Calendar

Google offers some useful and very comfortable tools for organizing, managing, and also could serve as a place to store some of your templates for work. You could use google drive to store some files you need. It's nice to use, as google drive represents a synchronization service Thus, you will have access to these files from anywhere and from any of your devices, laptops, or mobile devices. Google docs is an online word processor. It is almost the same as the word editor you use locally. Moreover, you could work here with excel, presentation, formulas if we need them.

Managerial software

There are some more in-depth management tools. If you have a bunch of tasks and would like to see their progress and status, you could search for some online software tools to use. For example, Trello is a web-based, Kanban-style, management tool. Trello cards are your portal to more organized work—where every single part of your task can be managed, tracked, and shared with teammates.

Invoicing software programs

Invoicing software programs allow you to automate your work and your invoicing process. As such software tools include accounting formulas, like gross profit, due date, and could remind about the invoice deadline, and more other interesting features. Moreover, such platforms are great not only for sending invoices but for tracking them and storing them. Cloud storage allows you to get and use information anytime, and anywhere. Also, your data is safe and secure.

All you need is to find them and to get started. Below are mentioned several online invoicing software:

Oklyx. Is the platform that can help you keep track of your expenses and invoices in a single place. Also, it is a free app.

FreshBooks. Another good application for invoicing and expense tracking.

TurboTax. This one, helps you get your taxes done right;

QuickBooks. This application is considered to be a good one for small business owners.

The advantages of having a centralized place for invoice storing:

Save your time

Invoicing software solves the problem of spending a lot of time creating the invoices and sending them to customers. It speeds up this process. Such platforms usually allow you to save the data of your customers, the services or product you deliver, and to add your bank account. Therefore, invoicing creation represents a simple selection of this data, and you could create and send as many invoices as you need, spending a little time.

Enhance work organization and increase your productivity

All your invoices and important documents, being stored in a centralized place are automatically updated when their status is changed. It helps to track your invoices and their status and follow up on the overdue ones, therefore being more organized and productive.

Keeps your data backup

Cloud-based platforms provide safety for your data. All your data is backed up in the cloud, and you are not in danger to lose any important information.

Faster payments

Invoicing software tools allow you to connect with an online payment solution, such as Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, allowing instantly online payments. Therefore, your invoicing process is faster and you could get paid faster, too.