Why multitasking makes you stressed and not productive at all

Aug 5, 2021
Why multitasking makes you stressed and not productive at all

Have you ever experienced burning something you cook while you are checking your IG account on your phone? If NO- congratulations because you are still one of few individuals who is still exercising mono-tasking in a multitasking world. How about forgetting something you are trying to say while in the middle of a conversation because you are distracted by something that caught your attention while you are walking in the park? A lot- and this scene lead to someone being upset with you and makes them feel you are not with them fully. 

According to Psychology, our attention is like a spotlight that can be drawn to a single spot and filters out everything around it. As a result, things that are not important surrounding that zoomed spot will not be given attention is what we call- inattention blindness. Just like how they project in a movie when the guy meets the girl she liked everything turns into slow motion, the focus is only on her and everything in her surroundings is blurry. What matters most will be seen and the rest are of no significance.

The human brain is very limited as a result we don’t have an unending capacity to process everything at once. The human brain cannot be compared to a computer as our attention is a limited resource that made us susceptible to making mistakes and wastes a significant amount of time switching from one task to another. Multitasking gives a wrong connotation of how efficiency looks like in fact, it is impossible for someone to perform 2 tasks at the same time if it requires different cognitive resources or abilities. For example, while you are working you will open 2 computers at the same time one is for important emails and the other is for editing videos. The tendency is while you are in the middle of editing the videos prompts and notifications started to flood on the other computers which distract you and made you switched your focus on checking and replying to emails. Someone could judge that this is how the way of doing things should be in order to perform a lot of tasks in a short time but if you will observe that you will require an amount of time trying to get back your focus and picking yourself up again remembering where did you stop on the other task. Instead of finishing 2 tasks at the same time, you will end up being exhausted and not finishing anything at all. 

When we were in school compared today, have you remembered all the lessons that you have attended, studied, and memorized? Absolutely no, just like how our brains remember only a small quantity of information being thrown unto us. For most people remembers only significant events and experience and not how you can solve a certain mathematical problem during your calculus subject way back in school. Based on this personal experience that everybody can relate we can judge that over information is wasting a lot of it and only a few but significant also relatable experiences stick to your core very long and sometimes forever. 

A significant amount of research proves that multitasking makes you less productive because you will waste time and that will result in you being stressed and confused. While performing a task we will develop a certain rhythm that makes our body flow into that single stream that makes us enjoy every moment of the process towards finishing the task assigned to us because there is an alignment of the motion and focus that guides our inner gut-feel. On the other hand, trying to make 2 or 3 or more tasks together at the same time and switching here and getting back there will give us this unhealthy feeling that can lead to not finishing even a single task.

Here are 3 simple ways to achieve maximum productivity while performing your task:

STOP MULTITASKING - the word says itself, focus on a single thing and put all your attention time, and effort into finishing it and you will be very impressed with the quality of the output you will have and you will be able to finish it faster than you use to do. Stick to one task or not do anything at all. You might be finishing all tasks together but for sure mistakes will be made and the quality of work will not be outstanding as it should be if you just do one thing at once.

TAKE OUT ALL DISTRACTIONS - imagine yourself zooming in your phone to your favorite food blurring its surroundings and enjoy taking pictures of it. In this case, you only appreciate that one thing, and whatever comes outside of it for sure you will never see or appreciate it. The general rule of the game-  what is not included don’t mind it, at all. 

FOCUS ON ONE THING - set only one goal, make one task and one mission at a time. This will make everything so simple and a stress-free moment in your daily life. It can be applied in our personal or professional life. During our internship, we wanted to enter a good company and finish the required hours of duty so we can graduate and get a degree. Since you are so focused on that single thing the traffic jams, sleepless nights, and all negative things involve that internship seems invisible that shocks you the reality of how these things don’t bother you at all.

There are a lot of sayings we have been hearing or using that we can relate to the principle of multitasking. One of which is “you cannot serve 2 masters at the same time” it makes more sense when you relate this to the multitasking principle as each of them needs the highest level of service and as a human, you cannot perform and fulfill it because you only have one mind and body. Also, another quote we can relate to is – “to do 2 things at once is to do neither”.